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Fremantle Sailing Club(s)

The history page on the current Fremantle Sailing Club website records that there have been a number of sailing clubs with similar names: a Fremantle Yacht Club (1885), the North Fremantle Sailing Club (1897), three Fremantle Sailing Clubs (1900, 1907, 1921), a West Australian Yacht Club (1902), and the Port Yacht Club (1920).

Racing was conducted at first in the river off Point Brown North Fremantle, and later in the sea at South Beach.

Premises included: Field's Bathing Shed (from 1923) - which had been on the Long Jetty and was resited at the foot of Scott Street, and was demolished in January 1942 as a 'security hazard'; a former dormitory on North Quay; the RSL Hall, which was rented for weekly dances until the Louisa Street property became available; a hall on the corner of Louisa Street and Marine Terrace which was in use from 1947; and a large shed on Riverside Drive East Fremantle that had become surplus to the requirements of the Castlemaine Brewery which was removed to the Louisa Street site.

From 1960 the Fishing Boat Harbour was under construction and the Louisa Street building was useful only as a dance hall. The FSC began the move to its present splendid premises between the FBH and South Beach.

There is a Swan Yacht Club on Riverside Road East Fremantle but it doesn't seem to have any sailing members. It provides moorings for multitudes of stink boats, and an entertainment facility. The East Fremantle Yacht Club, at the northern end of Petra Street, is not dissimilar, tho it does seem to have a couple of dozen sailing boats.

The list of yacht clubs in or near Perth also includes these: Claremont Yacht Club, Fremantle [also Cruising] Sailing Club , Hillarys Yacht Club, Jervoise Bay Sailing Club, Maylands Yacht Club, Mounts Bay Sailing Club, Nedlands Yacht Club, Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club, Ocean Reef Yacht Club, Perth Dinghy Sailing Club, Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club, Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Royal Perth Yacht Club, Safety Bay Yacht Club, Shelley Sailing Club, South of Perth Yacht Club, Sun City Yacht Club, The Cruising Yacht Club of Western Australia, Rockingham.

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