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Buffalo Club

The Fremantle Buffalo Club is at 54 High St, and opened in 1938. Presumably it has or had something to do with the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes.

Ron Davidson describes: '... a slightly rusty building in High Street with a facade which Fremantle wits call art deco revival. That means green tiles and a buffalo skull set into the stucco wall.' (The Clubs, 2010: 99)

The building is on what was the original 1833 town lot no. 105 which was granted to GF Johnson. It is now lot 500.

Before it was the Buffalo Club, the building was used as the Madrid Restaurant, owned by the Andinach Brothers, who ran the Madrid Fruit Palace at the same address.

Before that there was a cottage housing the telegraph office.

On June 21 of that year [1869] the telegraph line to Perth, which was built by private enterprise, was opened, the first office being an old cottage standing back from the road at the rear of where the Madrid Restaurant now [1929] stands in High Street. The first operator was W. Holman, who had been an officer of Mrs. Habgood's barque Zephyr, and the first messenger was the late W. T. John, then a boy. The first telegraph cadet was Horace Stirling who was appointed to take charge of the Fremantle office. Horace Stirling was afterwards closely allied with telegraph extension throughout the State and was a keen observer and a well known historian. Hitchcock: 54.

madrid restaurant

Photo of the Madrid Restaurant no. E0000047-01 from Fremantle Library History Collection.

Group of people outside the Madrid Restaurant and Madrid Fruit Palace. L-R two employees, Uncle Anthony, Francis and Josefa Andinach, Uncle Paul, employee. The building was bought by the Fremantle Buffalo Club Inc. during the 1938/9 period. In 2015 No. 54 is still the Fremantle Buffalo Club.

The photo was also put in Facebook by the FHC where Carolyn Cavana wrote the personal part of the above caption.

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