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Leake St Cafe

The Leake St Cafeteria is in part of the Princess Theatre (cinema) complex, and so is dealt with here in the cinema section, as a convenient way to show some photos of the area between the cinema auditorium and its former Market St entrance.

The Cafe, opened in Leake St in late 2015, is the invention of Wade Drummond, seen on Masterchef. He is known as the 'crumpet guy', but seems to be specialising here in original salads. Its webpage is here.

The Leake St Cafe is in a tiny space between the office building on the corner of Leake and Market Streets and the former Princess Theatre auditorium, which takes up a quarter of the northern side of Leake St. The Princess Theatre building is on the corner of Leake and Market Streets. It was built in 1912, and closed as a cinema in 1969. The entrance to the cinema was where Kakulas Sister now trades, and some of the theatre masonry can still be seen in the shop.

There are two ways to get in to the Leake St Cafe. When Kakulas Sister is open, one can walk to the back of the store (through what was once the grand entrance to the cinema) and out of the northern side to find the Cafe in the tiny outdoor space there. When the grocery is not open, early in the morning, one has to go in through the alleyway off Leake St, and through Kakulas' normally concealed rear storage area.

Princess Theatre

The front of the grocery store.

The grand interior entrance.


And this is the side entrance, showing also the large cinema auditorium.


The sign says that you can get to the Cafe through here between 0730-0900. After that, go through the grocery. (A standing sign, put on the street corner, says 0700-.)

princess alley

Looking back at the Leake St entrance. Note the pressed-metal ceiling. Note also two bricked-up sections in the wall on the right-hand side: they would have been ingresses to the cinema as such.

billiards sign

Looking in the other direction, before turning right to get out to the Cafe, one sees a 'ghost sign' indicating that a billiards saloon was once in what is now obviously Kakulus' rear store. Barely visible in the next photo is what appears to be the signwriter's signature and perhaps a (valuable!) date, underneath the fullstop after the word BILLIARDS. I can't make it out, and shall have to go back and take a closeup. Other than the sign, I have no information at all about the billiards room.


leake st cafe

And finally here is Agnieshka Kiera at the Leake St Cafe. The door rear right leads through to Kakulas Sister store. Thanks to Agnieshka for the Facebook photo!

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