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Coliseum Picture Theatre and Gardens

coliseumThe Coliseum Picture Theatre and Gardens was on the corner of Hay St and Rokeby Road.

In December 1916 the Coliseum Picture Theatre and Gardens was opened on the north-east corner of the junction of Hay St and Rokeby Rd. It appeared from the street to be just another row of shops, but at the corner was an entrance through a lane to the gardens behind. Most patrons sat on the rows of wooden seats under the stars, though there was also a raked section with more comfortable seating at the rear of the premises. The side walls were covered by trellis-work supporting vines and shrubs, and more shrubs and pot plants were situated under and beside the screen. The venue was popular for many years, operated in the twenties by Arnold Wheatley. In 1928 it was one of only four suburban shows screening every week-night (another was West's, across the street). In the mid-thirties it was purchased by Ted and Mary Coade, who owned West's Theatre. They went into partnership with Tom Hewett, their son-in-law, to demolish the Coliseum and build the new Regal Theatre.

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