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Beacon Theatre

The Beacon Theatre was a Fremantle cinema, tho, as its name suggests, it's almost in Beaconsfield.* It was built in 1937 (opened 17 August, with Small Turn) and closed as a cinema in 1961. After that it was a Stammers supermarket, with a pharmacy right on the street corner.

Beacon Theatre

This was the Beacon after Stammers moved to East Fremantle (and were taken over by a large supermarket chain) when it was rented by Video Ezy, who later moved south, and then closed. The Port Community Church also held its meetings there: that is now further down Hampton Road. The building is now used as a medical centre.

*Beaconsfield is named after a property known as 'Beaconsfield', located in the area in the 1880s. The name was officially adopted for the Post Office in August 1894. The origin is unknown, but is probably from the English town or after Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, created Earl of Beaconsfield in 1879. Heritage Council.

Paul Weaver, who used to work in the exhibition industry, has a well-informed page about the Beacon, here, from 2008, with a link to his panorama of the building.

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