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Fremantle Cemeteries

There have been three Fremantle cemeteries, the first two now known by the names of nearby streets, while the third, on Carrington St, is the present Fremantle Cemetery.

Alma St Cemetery was in use 1831-1855.

Skinner St Cemetery operated 1852-1899, Vale St.

Fremantle Cemetery, Carrington St, was opened in 1898.

Bon Scott's memorial in Fremantle Cemetery: a much-visited spot >
The photo in the banner (top) shows the headstone of Sarah John nee Woodland (1835-1884) in the former Skinner St Cemetery.

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The East Perth Cemetery was surveyed in 1829 and the first interment was 6 January 1830. It was closed in 1899 (tho some burials continued until 1916). Burials at Karrakatta Cemetery commenced in 1899.

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