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Fremantle Cemetery

Fremantle Cemetery was established in 1898, superseding the Skinner Street Cemetery (and the Alma Street Cemetery before that): the entrance is on Carrington Street, near the corner of Leach Highway. The first burial was that of George Davies*, 2 July 1899, @ Congregational D 38. (Liveris 2009: 15)

I have documented all of the gravestones on the Heritage Trail, and made a suggestion for a History Walk. I have also photographed all the graves in the Jewish section.

Don Whittington conducted a tour of some monuments of interest Saturday 28 May during the 2016 Fremantle Heritage Festival, with some mention of the historical connexion with Rottnest. Photos of the 2014 tour are here. Don led another such 27 May 2017, with a maritime theme. Representations of C.Y O'Connor and Tom Edwards were provided for the occasion by actor James Hagan. Another tour in May 2018 had as its theme the 'merchants princes' of Fremantle.

don moondyne

Don Whittington in 2016 with tourists at the grave of Moondyne Joe

References and Links

MCB virtual Heritage Walk Trail of Fremantle Cemetery, and map

Heritage Week tour 2014

Heritage Week tour 2018

Jewish section

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*It should be noted that this is not the George Davies who was exhumed from Skinner Street Cemetery by his grandson and reinterred in the Anglican section of the Fremantle Cemetery in same year, 1899.

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