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West Australian Chambers

Market St, 1907

This building stood between the Post Office and Princess Chambers 1907-1971, and was demolished in favour of an extension to the PO with a perfectly blank brick wall set back from the street.


Excerpt from Fremantle, the Fremantle Society newsletter, Special 2000, included for John Dowson's caption on the side

wa chambers

Fremantle Library photo no. 571 c. 1920: West Australian Chambers in Market Street was built c1907 and demolished for additions to the Fremantle Post Office in August 1971. The glass cases across the front displayed illustrations from the Western Mail, a weekly newspaper with a central picture section.


This is the building that replaced West Australian Chambers. ...

The sign on the synchronicitous van is ironical: "We create beautiful spaces".
The former Mama's Deli at 21 Market St is sadly For Lease.

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