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Villa Maria

115 Queen Victoria St

villa maria

Fremantle Libary Local History collection 1924 photo #3168, with this caption: Villa Maria was the home of Carl Peter Ludwig Ratazzi, born in Frankfurt-on-Main on 21.09.1865. He arrived in WA in 1900 and established a partnership with Otto Lurman as the agents for the Imperial German Mail Line. He was Consul for Germany and Consular Agent for Italy. Villa Maria was on Queen Victoria Street [known as Cantonment Rd until 1892] between James and Burt Streets.

villa maria

FHC photo#3170, with this caption: A side view of the Villa Maria, home of Carl Peter Ludwig Ratazzi and his family, on Queen Victoria Street. The archway is similar to that at 5 Mouat Street (built in 1902 and designed by architect E H Dean Smith), where Ratazzi conducted his business and attended to his Consular duties. Taken 7 April 1919.

References and Links

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Webb, David & David Warren 2005, Fremantle: Beyond the Round House, Longley, Fremantle: 16-17. [The authors retail the unlikely rumour that Ratazzi spied on shipping movements from the attic of 5 Mouat St.]

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