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Tolley Bond Store

1 Pakenham St, 1897

tolley bond store

The helpful sign below may be seen to the left of the main entrance, above.

Tolley & Co. - Bond Store
This building, erected in 1897, is the original bond store for Tolley & Co. Wine and Spirit Merchants. It is currently used as offices and private residence.
Tolley & Co. occupied the building until 1910, sending travellers throughout the state, selling mainly to hotels. The head office, which sadly is no longer a complete building, was two doors to your left.
This frontage is restored close to original condition with the historical signage of Tolley & Co. reinstated above the alleyway, to your right. Notice the abbreviation of the word COMPANY finishing with a small Y over a full stop. This unusual form occurred because the letters, even when curved upwards, simply did not fit.



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