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Sailors' Rest

now Port Lodge, Notre Dame University ND#12, 28 Marine Terrace

The foundation stone of the Sailors' Rest in Marine Terrace was laid by Sir John Forrest on 9 October 1899. The building comprised a large hall with seating accommodation for 150 persons, separate apartments and sitting rooms for officers and men and private quarters for the missioner. It was designed to provide opportunities for seamen to spend their leisure hours in comfortable and wholesome surroundings. It was founded mainly through the efforts of the late Mrs. T. W. Smith [Rosa Henriques Smith]. Hitchcock: 77.

Port Lodge, 28 Marine Terrace, is now a student residence. This was once Rosa Henriques Smith's Sailors' Rest. The building complex is much larger than this facade suggests. The Co-op Bookshop adjoins to the east, on the corner of Henry Street and Marine Terrace.

The small building on the right is now the Co-op Bookshop, 30 Marine Terrace, in effect Notre Dame's bookshop. It is built like a lean-to against the eastern wall of Port Lodge, and with the same ND building number as Port Lodge, ND12. It's on the corner of Henry St. In a undated (early 1900s?) photo held by RWAHS (P222) both buildings have the same sign: British Sailors Society.

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Wendy & Ari Antonovsky have notes about Rosa Smith in their Heritage Walk, from which the top image is derived.

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