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The Roma Restaurant is at High Street, in the Owston building, was opened by the Abrugiato family in about 1940. It was taken over by Nunzio Gumina when the long-term owners sold out, and the name changed a little to Villa Roma. In 2015, he opened a restaurant with his own name, Nunzio's, at 20 Essex St: it was formerly The Essex. The Roma has been opened again in 2016 by Abrugiato family members, again changing the name slightly to Roma Cucina. Unfortunately, they have replaced the Laminex furniture that was one of the period features of the Roma.

The Story Continues. The iconic family story started over fifty years ago by Frank & Nella opens a new chapter. Daughter Lucy and her husband Terry have brought back the same family values and classic Italian dining that called the West End home for so many, many years. (from the Roma Cucina website)

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Roma Cucina website (from which the top photo is borrowed, cropped, and edited)

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