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Marine House

7-9 Leake St, 1890


The two-story building at the centre of the photo is still extant - as seen below.

1890 council rate books list a warehouse and offices (new). It is unclear whether the warehouse was replaced, or whether offices were added to the front of the warehouse. The number of buildings on the lots increased over the following years. The 1905-06 rates records show warehouses and offices on lot 403 and 404, and six old cottages on lot 405. All the buildings were occupied by the Vacuum Oil Co.
By 1910 lots 404 & 405 were owned by Jane Marion Waldeck and John Joseph Higham, and occupied by the Olympia skating rink, which appear to have been built on lots 405 and 406, and operated until at least 1915. (Currently 'Olympia' shops and apartments).
The Fremantle Provedoring Co occupied the building in 1920. The property remained in the Waldeck family until the 1950s.


My photo 2017.

Two storey rendered building with a decorative parapet and pediment and a zero setback from the pavement. The ground floor features; ashlar effect rendering and a central entrance with arched fanlights over the paneled doors and sash windows. The first floor has engaged pilasters flanking the recessed and arched windows and fanlights.
The place is of historic significance as an example of a commercial building in the Old Port City of Fremantle dating from the gold boom period in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The place is significant because, when viewed from the street, it is a substantially intact example of a commercial building which contributes to the very significant Old Port City of Fremantle. The place is of social significance as evidenced by its classification by the National Trust. Heritage Council.

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