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Lacey's A1 Cash Store

44 Hubble Street (named for George Hubble) cnr George Street

44 hubble

These buildings are diagonally opposite what is now the Wine Store and Young George. In April 2016 the corner store was let to Nook Property (now a Mint franchise). It was once a butcher's shop, and there is a cellar running the full length of the building which was used to keep meat cool. Note the spherical decoration in the (top) middle of the image. Image from Google, probably from 2016, but no later than 2017.

The stone building on the right of this snap is obviously older, and would have been built onto the earlier weatherboard building on the corner - which has now been replaced by the brick building you see on the left above.

I personally think the building would look better without paint (of any colour) - and so looked like the new building (the 'little house') and the slightly earlier Klopper building to the east of the one on the corner. Just my opinion.


Nook's rebranding of the property, May 2016. I'm horrified to see that one of the three spherical doodads is missing from the corner on the right. Nook's b/w photo: they say the owner is looking into getting the doodad fixed. Update 2018: Nook seems to have become a franchise of Mint. The local result is that the light green colour in the photos above and below has been changed to something even worse - teal maybe, approaching turquoise.

Until 2016, this was a boutique called Iridescent Sea. Photo by GG.

M. Drummond sold Fancy Goods. The original building on the corner was clearly wooden and does not have a cellar. Note the absence to the right of the stone house which has not yet been built.

The stone house at 44 Hubble is now in situ, but the corner store is still the same wooden building, tho with verandahs added. George Lacey's A1 Cash Store ('town prices') advertises inter alia Empire Flour, Whites Jellies, Silver Star Starch, Birds Mustards and Curry Powders (?) and the products of Port Brewery, beer and stout, competing for space with Swallow Ale and Stout. The Port Brewery operated 1892-1908, which gives an approximate date for the photograph. This image and the preceding one are (my) photos of photos of photos, and were anonymously donated to the shop by someone who slipped them (the photos of photos) under the shop door. I took the most recent copies with my iPhone at Nook Property, who kindly allowed me to do so. What's that strapped to the pole? Is it a mail posting box?


A better photo of Lacey's Store, reproduced from the original (RWAHS R5386) by John Dowson. Lacey had competition from Crockett's Cash Store, only a few doors away up Hubble St. This is a few years sooner or later than the photo above, as some (but not all) of the advertising is different. DRINK SWALLOW (not a redundancy: the logo was a bird) is painted on the roof of the stone house at 44 Hubble St (as may dimly be seen on the photo above).

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