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J Shed is a 1912 historic Fremantle building originally built on Victoria Quay as a cargo shed. The building was removed 1968-69 and rebuilt under the cliff on the western side of Arthur Head. It has had a variation of purposes since its move, including being a fibreglass workshop until 1988. In 1992 the building was repurposed again - after a restoration completed by the City of Fremantle - to be used as the independent semi-industrial art studios you see today.

J Shed has four or five units, all of which are supposed to be used by artists, but the one at the southern end with the glass wall and the best view and the best light has nonsensically been let by the City to an entrepreneur/promoter called Sunset Events which wants to have any kind of money-making venture involving loud music and booze in and around it.

Greg James Sculpture has been there since 1992 when the J Shed studios were established, and is centrepiece of the building, at Unit 2.

Jenny Dawson has her Ceramics Studio next to him, at Unit 3.

The newest tenant is the Art of Freo Gallery, manager Ellen McCarthy, at Unit 4, at the northern end. Ross Potter currently has his own space in it, while the larger area is used for other exhibitions, such as the photography of Kylie Richardson, which is currently on show. She will be followed by mixed media artist Rachel Doller. Art of Freo is supported by the City of Fremantle, through its Emerging Artist Support Fund.

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