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Corner of South Terrace and Market St.

The trattoria and coffeeshop was started by Luigi (Gino) Saccone in 1983. Before that he worked for 22 years in the same building, but as a tailor, for Sorrento Mens Wear.



The following three photos were kindly provided by Joe Spadaro. The second one he dates as from 1985.




Fremantle Gazette, Wednesday 24 April 1985. Caption: 'Joe Spadaro and Perry Ricciardi getting some spaghetti-eating practice last week while Gino Saccone looks on ...'.


The Gino's building in 1972. Thanks to Fremantle History Centre for photo #ES00149, Murray Edmonds. Caption: Randell and Long (nos. 1-5 South Terrace) sold radios, refrigerators, toasters, vacuum cleaners, etc. Later known as Gino's Italian Cafe and Restaurant. Gino's was established by Luigi Saccone (popularly known as Gino) around 1983.

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