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Davies Building

85-89 (or 87-91?) High St, 1905

princess chambers

The photo shows on the right what the whole building looked like from 1905, and the left what replaced the eastern half in about 1970, when it was built for the TAB. Capture from Google Maps Streetview, 24 July 2016.

David Hutchison gives this convenient summary:

Davies Building. Nos 85-89. Erected in 1905 for G.A. Davies, a town councillor and mayor (in 1895), this property was divided in two, as part of his estate, in 1950. The eastern half, bought by the Totalisator Agency Board, was demolished in the early 1970s and replaced by the present TAB Building, which was set back to allow for the proposed widening of High Street. The western half of the original buiding remains in use for commerce and residential purposes.

I'm not sure at the moment about the street numbers. The Record Finder says that its address is 87 High St, and DFK Port Accounting (in the former TAB building) say that they're in 91 High St.

I'm also a bit worried about the 'Record Finder' building, as it looks as the pediment which is in the right half of the existing building should be at the centre of a building that was one third wider. I don't suppose I'll ever find a heritage architect who could explain this. ... Update: I spoke to an architect this afternoon. He thinks it's quite possible that the missing half of the building could have had a pediment on its lefthand size the opposite of the one on the extant side.

References and Links

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