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Bateman's/Union Stores

1895, cnr High & Henry Streets


On the SE corner of Henry and High Sts is the Union Stores building, designed by architect Herbert Nathaniel Davis for J. & W. Bateman, and formerly the largest hardware store in Fremantle, Bateman's Hardware. The verandahs were restored in the Americas Cup defence renovation in 1986. (The posts are not load-bearing.) It's owned by the City of Fremantle, and has just at the time of writing had more renovations completed. The tenant in the corner store is now the New Edition bookshop, which was previously over the road at 82 High St (now Common Ground) and before that in Market St. Future tenants might include either or both of The Record Finder and Mills Records, tbc.

Messrs. J. and W. Bateman, merchants, of Fremantle, are also erecting five new shops in the main thoroughfare. Three of these when completed they will occupy themselves, and the other two will be let for business purposes. The buildings, which are being erected at the coiner of High and Henrystreets, will have a frontage of 120 feet to High-street, and a depth of 104 feet to Henry street. They will consist of two storeys, with a basement under the full extent of the buildings. The shops will be fitted up so as to minimise the danger attendant upon fire, fireproof doors with Hall's patent sliding wheels being used in order to supply every means of access and egress. The necessary light for the basement will be obtained by the use of Hayward's semi-prism lights which will be fitted up with bulkheads formed under the stall boards. The edifice will be built of brick with cement dressings and ornamental posts, and will be carried out in the Queen Anne style of architecture. The bricks used are obtained from Melbourne. The first floor has been arranged for the sole use of Messrs. J. and W. Bateman for bulk stock and offices. Mr. Herbert N. Davis, of Fremantle, is the architect, and Mr. D. Jardine, also of Fremantle, the builder. The West Australian, Monday 20 May 1895: 5.

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The West Australian, Monday 20 May 1895: 5.

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