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In Fremantle there was only one building called The Barracks - the Pensioner Barracks. However, there were other buildings in the are of the Convict Establishment that housed related quasi-military organisations.


This Wray/Manning 1857 plan shows 'buildings erected and in progress also new buildings provided for in Annual Estimate 1857-58 coloured yellow.' Campbell 2017: 65 (part). North is more or less to the right, not the top of the drawing.

The Barracks (on the left in the map above) housed the Enrolled Pensioner Force. The building was in South Terrace from 1853 until some time in the 1950s, and was built to house the ex-soldiers who were assigned to guard the convicts on ships when transportation started in 1850. It 'was a two-storey terrace of thirty-two units each of two rooms, with communal facilities - cook-house, wash-house, and "the necessaries" - out in the back yard'. (Campbell 2017: 13)

Sappers and Miners (later Royal Engineers) also had barracks in the same general area, on Henderson St (mainly) and also on South Terrace - where there were three pairs of single-storey cottages for the families of 'instructing warders' (sappers who instructed and supervised the work of convicts).

And there was also housing for the 'discipline warders' in the form of the Warders Cottages, most of which still exist in Henderson St. There was another building on the western side of the street, where there is now a multi-storey carpark.

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