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The Low Level Bridge, 1898-1909

Fremantle has had arguably five road bridges crossing the Swan River, two of which remain. A new one is now (2020) planned.

North Fremantle Bridge aka High Level Bridge, 1866-1909

Low Level Bridge, 1898-1909

Renovated High Level Bridge, 1909-1939/1947
Fremantle Traffic Bridge, 1939-
Stirling Bridge, 1974-


The second bridge was built 1896-8 just downstream of the first and called the Low Level Bridge; 1905 photo.


The Low Level Bridge was wider and stronger but much lower. It was required by the increased commercial traffic mostly as a result of gold discoveries. It was, however, not suitable for the tramway which Councils wished to extend to North Fremantle in 1908. (photo 1907, Battye Library)

bridges 1906

The two bridges in 1906. Photo from Hitchcock: 95, credited to Nixon.


The Renovated High Level Bridge was a renovation of the original bridge so extensive that it is considered to be a third bridge. It was opened 18 June 1909 and the Low Level Bridge was closed and then demolished.
The photo shows the Renovated High Level Bridge with two traffic lanes and the tramway on the eastern side, and the Low Level Bridge in the process of demolition.

References and Links

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