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Beyond the Round House

Webb, David & David Warren 2005, Fremantle: Beyond the Round House, Longley, Fremantle.

CONTENTS (with an added note as to the topic of each chapter)
Why the Round House has a poetic touch - Reveley and Shelley
Tunnel opened way for a whaling industry - Reveley
Jetty's remains a reminder of early port - Joan Campbell
US President’s journey to the White House, via Fremantle - Hoover
View from the attic brought German Consul's downfall - Ratazzi
Bizarre suicide marked a bank’s early days - Frank Yensen
Pioneer family's lasting link with Fremantle - Samson
Untimely deaths in a harsh land - Taylor Memorial Fountain
Where art and commerce find common ground - Moore
The Aboriginal connection - troubled times in early days - Yagan
Law library’s links to early merchant family - Bateman
Where law students can act with great credibility - Second Courthouse
Batavia’s voyage to disaster - Shipwrecks Museum
Fishermen gave port its cultural identity - Fishing Boat Harbour
America’s Cup triumph began at this old jetty
This Endeavour lived up to its name - Shipwrecks Museum
A curious commemoration of controversial killings - Maitland Brown
When a watering-hole was a benchmark for job-seekers - Paddy Troy
Fighting prelude to a showcase Strip - Cappuccino Strip
America’s Cup gave drinking a new flavour - Sail&Anchor, Norfolk, Newport hotels
Markets that offer lifestyle bargains - Fremantle Markets
Living the cottage life with conviction - Warders Cottages
Town Hall celebrations went off with a bang - Town Hall
The day a wharf dispute erupted into Bloody Sunday - Tom Edwards
Italian sculptor’s lasting legacy - Pietro Porcelli
Some interesting signs of the time - various
George King, a man for all seasons - St John's
The blacksmith’s son who became a hero - Hugh Edwards
Salvos’ singing made for a rude awakening - various hotels
His music was a barbershop solo - Norm Wrightson, Victoria Hall
The prison superintendent who fell from grace - Fremantle Prison, Thos Dixon
The Catalpa Rescue: The USA v WA - J.B. O'Reilly
The prisoner who phoned his mother for a recipe - Fremantle Prison
Gangster Ryan kept the prison clock ticking - 'Shiner' Ryan, Fremantle Prison
These tunnels helped solve a water problem - Fremantle Prison
Parade ground became a community focal point - Fremantle Oval
Edmund Henderson, from Fremantle Prison to Scotland Yard
A perfect season at the seaside - South Beach
Jon conquered - and discovered - ocean mountains - Jon Sanders
Some Quay advice for early English girl migrants - Victoria Quay
C.Y. O’Connor: Triumph to Tragedy
The rock that barred a colony’s mail - Fremantle Harbour
The day a vital wartime base almost blew up - Fremantle Harbour
Pub meeting led to a lasting commercial success - Elias Solomon, Chamber of Commerce
Fremantle rail link survives a chequered past - Railway Station
Heroism honoured at Army Museum
Pioneer church honoured by the Pope - St Patrick's, Proclamation Tree, Marmion Memorial
Bridges’ vital link to capital and beyond - Traffic and Stirling Bridges
The building with a haunted past - Asylum
Monument Hill rising from barren waste
Moondyne Joe made a mockery of prison - Fremantle Cemetery

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