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A New History of Western Australia

Stannage, Tom 1981 ed., A New History of Western Australia, UWAP.

Part I First Settlers and White Settlers

1. I. M. Crawford, Aboriginal cultures in Western Australia

2. Sylvia J. Hallam, The first Western Australians

3. Neville Green, Aborigines and white settlers in the nineteenth century

4. G. C. Bolton, Black and white after 1897

Part II Economic and Demographic History

5. Pamela Statham, Swan River Colony 1829-1850

6. R. T. Appleyard, Western Australia: Economic and demographic growth 1850-1914

7. G. D. Snooks, Development in adversity 1913 to 1946

8. R. N. Ghosh, Economic development and population growth in Western Australia since 1945

Part III Political History

9. B. K. de Garis, Political tutelage 1829-1890

10. B. K. de Garis, Self-government and the emergence of the political party system 1891-1911

11. I. H. van den Driesen, The evolution of the trade union movement in Western Australia

12. David Black, Party politics in turmoil 1911-1924

13. David Black, The era of Labor ascendancy 1924-1947

14. David Black, Liberals triumphant: the politics of development 1947-1980

Part IV Social History

15. Margaret Grellier, The family: some aspects of its demography and ideology in mid-nineteenth century Western Australia

16. Margaret Pitt Morison & John White, Builders and buildings

17. Laadan Fletcher, Education of the people

18. Marian Aveling, Western Australian society: the religious aspect 1829-1895

19. John Hay, Literature and society 1829-1979

20. J. E. Thomas, Crime and society

21. Brian Stoddart, Sport and society 1890-1940: a foray

Part V Historiography

22. G. C. Bolton, Western Australia reflects on its past

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