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Brown, Patricia M. 1996, The Merchant Princes of Fremantle: The Rise and Decline of a Colonial Elite 1870-1900, UWAP.
The book began as a UWA MA dissertation.
The blurb states that the book 'focuses mainly on the families of Bateman, Diamond, Higham, Lilly, Manning, Moore, Pearse and Samson'.

brown cover

The cover of the book provides portraits of many of its subjects. Clockwise from top left, it shows Charles Manning, Michael Samson, Jack Higham, Arthur Diamond, William Marmion, John Wesley Bateman, William Moore, Mary Higham, with Silas Pearse in the centre.

The introduction widens that focus to include specifically the following.
John Bateman, John Wesley Bateman
William Edward Marmion
William Dalgety Moore
William Silas Pearse, George Pearse, James Pearse
Michael Samson, William Frederick Samson
Arthur James Diamond
James Lilly
Mary Higham, Edward Higham, John Joseph (Jack) Higham, Henry Higham
Charles Alexander Manning, Lucius Manning

Specifically disincluded are the following.
Samuel Wallace Bickley, Leake family, Sandover family, Shenton family, Barrington Wood, Daniel Kean Congdon, Elias Solomon, Dr James Hope, Rev. Joseph Johnston

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