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Hutchison, David 2006, Fremantle Walks, Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

Hutchison, David 2007, Many Years a Thief, Wakefield Press. [novel about John Gavin]


Hutchison, David 1999, 'Shedding light on sheds in transit', Fremantle Studies, 1: 66-76. [on the sheds on Victoria Quay]

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Hutchison, David 2007, 'Mystery of a headstone', Fremantle History Society Newsletter, Spring: 7-9. [The stone is in memory of Jane Frances Scott, eldest daughter of Daniel Scott.]

Hutchison, David 2009, 'A history of Fremantle Park', City of Fremantle.

Hutchison, David 2012, '"Bloody Sunday" revisited', in Paul Arthur Longley & Geoffrey Bolton, Voices from the West End: Stories, People and Events that Shaped Fremantle, WA Museum: 210-249.

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