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Dowson, John 2001, Fremantle: the Immigration Story, Fremantle Society.

Dowson, John 2003, Old Fremantle: Photographs 1850-1950, UWAP.

Dowson, John 2006, Old Fremantle Childhood: A Tribute to the Photography and Fatherhood of Arnold Beste - the Fremantle Period 1905-1916, John Dowson.

Dowson, John 2008, Old Albany: Photographs 1850-1950, National Trust WA.

Dowson, John 2011, Fremantle Port, Chart and Map Shop Fremantle.

Dowson, John 2014, Off to War: WWI 1914-1918, TFS Corp, 2014.

Dowson, John 2015, The Western Mail War Souvenir 1915, John Dowson, Aussiana Books, National Trust WA.


Dowson, John 2008, Heritage Assets of Fremantle: Why So Neglected? FICRA (pdf).

Dowson, John 2017, 'Rare and important: early photography in Fremantle', Fremantle Studies, 9: 1-14.

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