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Art Collection

There is a Fremantle Art Collection, with more than 1400 items. It began with the Claude Hotchin bequest in 1958, had its own home in Pioneer Park 1978-87, but since then has been in the care of the Fremantle Arts Centre (at the former Asylum), under the direction of curator André Lipscombe. Very little of it is usually on show, and sometimes none at all.

Art Galleries

The City of Fremantle owns no dedicated art gallery. There was one in the Stateships building in Pioneer Park, 1978-87. There is one room in the FAC (Asylum) which is supposed to be dedicated to and therefore show some of the permanent Collection, but sometimes doesn't show any.

The Moores Building in Henry Rd contains a number of gallery spaces.

Joanna Robertson runs a two-room gallery on Bathers Beach called Kidogo Arthouse, from the Swahili word for 'small'.

Japingka Gallery, 47 High Street, shows Aboriginal artworks in order to sell them.

Artists Studios

There is a large number of artists in Fremantle, some with studios at their own premises, and some with small studios in buildings made available for that purpose.

Building with a number of studios

PSAS (Pakenham St Art Space), corner of Pakenham and Short Streets, in the former Shipstores building. The name of the coffeeshop, Studio 37, was chosen because there are 36 artists studios in the building, on two floors.

Customs House, Phillimore Street, opposite Cliff St. Not sure if the artists are still there now that the principal former tenant, WA Circus School, has moved to Princess May Park.

Artists with their own studios/galleries/websites

George Haynes and Jane Martin, Spearwood Studios, 27 Sussex St Spearwood (technically not in Fremantle, but in the City of Cockburn).

David Giles has his own gallery in a small shop at 49B High St.

Theo Koning has a website.

As does Ben Joel.

And Eveline Kotai.

Larry Mitchell used to work at home, near Fremantle, and is known for his Rottnest and Abrolhos paintings, and his rendering of water.


Jenny Dawson has a workshop and small gallery in her studio in Unit 3 of J Shed. This is currently under threat from a huge expansion of Sunset Events lease of Unit 1.

Zinongo Gallery, 47 Lefroy Road, shows the work of Zimbabwean potter Njalikwa Zongwe.


Fremantle has no art cinema. There was one in Adelaide Street: Port Cineaste.


Fremantle has no dance school. There is one just outside its boundary, in Hamilton Hill, in the former Newmarket Hotel.


There has been a City of Fremantle Symphony Orchestra since 1911. Its present musical director is David Pye. 'With a regular membership of about 60 amateur musicians we present about 5 concerts each year including a subscription series of concerts at the Fremantle Town Hall and performances in other venues around Perth.'


See the page for photographers.


Greg James has a small gallery in his studio in Unit 2 of J Shed. This is currently under threat from a huge expansion of Sunset Events lease of Unit 1.

There is an annual exhibition of Sculpture on Bathers Beach, following the idea of Sculpture on the Beach at Cottesloe.


Fremantle now has no theatre - except for the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in the Stateships building in Pioneer Park. Harbour Theatre, which used to be in the Port Cinema, has moved to Mosman Park, and Deck Chair Theatre has ceased to exist.


See the page for authors.

References and Links

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Fremantle Art Collection

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