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Toby Leek Catalog

artisanstoreYou can view and purchase some of Toby's work from the Artisan Store, 81a High Street Fremantle. Some original pen paintings are on show. You can also buys prints in A2 size on fine museum grade art paper @ $150 each, from this catalog - at the store >

A2 printed photographs on fine museum grade art paper, of ...

Fremantle Post Office

Trades Hall Building

National Hotel

Oceanic Hotel


Patisserie La Vespa >

Railway Hotel

Fremantle Town Hall

Fremantle Hotel

Local Hotel (Seaview)

Princess Chambers

Victoria Hall

St John's Church

sfpsSouth Fremantle Power Station >

Scots Church

Tarantella Night Club (German Consulate)

Tannatt Chambers

Dalgety Building

Commercial Hotel

Federal Hotel

Fremantle Prison

Round House

Barracks Arch, St George's Terrace

Indiana Tea House, Cottesloe

Gosnells Hotel, Albany Highway, Gosnells

LAX Girl

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