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Gus Liebe

Gus Liebe built the Newmarket Hotel. In Perth he built, most notably, His Majesty's Theatre, and in Maylands, the Peninsula Hotel - among many other buildings in town and country.

He was born 1862 in Wittenberg. He emigrated to Australia in 1885 with his business partner Joseph Klein and Joseph's wife Auguste. The partners worked briefly in South Australia and then for a longer period in Melbourne before perceiving opportunity in the West and moved here about 1890, after which the partnership was dissoved.

Stan Gervas, in his biography of Liebe, suggests that the three Klein children were in fact fathered by Liebe, possibly explaining why there are five identical graves in Dalwallinu, one containing the remains of the unmarried Gus Liebe and another with those of Albert Klein. (Liebe was a very sucessful farmer in the Wubin area.)

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